In any social gathering or by general culture it is becoming more important to know about wine, is not necessary to be a tasting professional but it is necessary to have a basic knowledge about the subject.



It is for this reason that the Hostal Savoy, which is a great option to eat in Alcoy, has prepared a gastronomic wine pairing together with Márques de la Concordia, a company with a SlowFood philosophy, based only on the origin and quality of the product.

Some of the main characteristics that we must keep in mind when we tasted a wine are its appearance, aroma and taste. In its aspect it is important to pay attention to the color, in our tasting we will focus on the red wine where the garnet will predominate but also we will be able to see different colored wines such as ruby red, cherry red, violet, purple or red tile.

These colors can inform us about the age, body and health of the wine. There are two factors that determine the aroma: the intensity that depends in most part of the type of wine but also of the way in which we shake the glass and of the closeness with which we breathe the air of the surface, on the other hand the type of aroma can be floral, fruit, balsamic, spicy or with a slight aroma of wood.

In the flavor there are characteristics that make us choose one or the other as are the sweetness that is usually associated with white wines, but in red wines can also be found depending on the level of maturation of the grape and the alcohols it contains. The acidity also plays a fundamental role since sometimes it can be perceived to a greater extent and this is due to its pH that the less is greater its acidity, which indicates that it will last more. With this basic information we can give an opinion with more technical terms and suitable to be used at a company dinner in Alcoy or anywhere that requires it.

To become an expert you must practice and why not start in the wine tasting of a traditional restaurant in Alcoy as it is the Hostel Savoy where we will have the guide of Márques de la Concordia to delight us with these fantastic wines and a dinner Exceptional that would prepare one of the best places to eat in Alcoy.